Dearest Sissy,

What a good girl you are. I am very proud of, my little milking sissy. You have been such a good girl. For months you have been faithfully milking for your Mistress. Today I want to move forward a little more quickly. I think you are ready for this, don't you? But first of all, a few reminders;

1. A milking sissy is a faithful sissy, I trust you have been a good girl and never wanked over trollops in girlie magazines, to do such a thing is to be unfaithful to your Divine Mistress. If I get to hear of it you will be dismissed.
2. A milking sissy is an obedient sissy. You always obey your Mistress's instructions and only milk with her full permission.
3. A milking sissy is a privileged sissy. It is an honour for you to milk for your Mistress. You only milk to pay tribute to your Mistress.
4. A milking sissy is a graceful sissy. Milking is always done with elegance, style and grace. I trust you have been a good little milking sissy and obeyed these four golden rules. Good girl, now we can get on.

By now, you will have learned that preparation for milking is all important for a milking sissy. You never milk because you have a pain in your sissy balls or because your sissy clitty is swollen and demanding. You must alkways save yourself for your Mistress. Since you know well in advance what day and even what hour you will milk for your Mistress you have hours, even days to get ready. Here are some instructions concerning preparation. Regular visits to your Mistress' web site to admire her power and beauty. This is important. I expect you to browse through the large collection of photographs available to you girls. You must choose one or two favourites and download them. Which ones do you like most ? " The Mistress in her strap on? " The Mistress in action with her strap on ? " The Mistress booted and spurred ready to ride her pony boy? " The Mistress supervising the milking of her maids on her milking machine?" " The Mistress in her pretty basques and undies?" What a lucky girl you are to have so many photos of your Mistress to choose from.

Keep all your milking apparel together in one box, if you can. This month I am going to introduce you to the milking tray. Find a tray; the sort that is used for serving afternoon tea. Next find a spotlessly clean tray cloth. I prefer virginal white and lacey, if possible. On this tray you will place your little collection of milking apparel. You remember what they are don't you ? That's right. " Milking panties. " Milking gloves. " Milking pinny. " Milking cup". There are many more items to come. This month we are going to add three more items. Your favourite photo of your Mistress. A Measuring spoon or graduated jug or flask and milking book. That's right , dear. I require you to measure and record the amount of your milky tribute to your Mistress. You need to know if your tribute is worthy of your Mistress. It may be that there will be a connection between your visits to my web site to worship your Mistress visually and the amount of your sissy milk tribute. I do not want you to be over milked so this month I am returning to once a week.

This will offer you an opportunity to exercise a little self discipline- won't it ? When that feeling of tension comes into your swollen sissy clitty you are to keep your hands off. Remember you are keeping yourself for your Mistress. This means once a week I shall expect you to milk heavily for me. You may choose which day of the week you will milk on. When that day comes you will prepare your milking tray with everything you need for milking. Stand in front of the mirror and disrobe gracefully. Place your favourite photo of your Mistress where you can see it. Salute your Mistress. I am sure by now you know the sissy salute. Your sissy clitty standing proud and aloft saluting your glorious Mistress, This month I am going to be very generous and allow you to choose what to wear for your weekly milk. Remember, it must be something different each week. A milking pinny or panties. With gloves or without - the choice is yours. When you have milked you are to measure how much milk you have given in tribute. I expect a heavy yield after a week of abstinence and a week of worshipping your Mistress on her web site. You measure your sissy milk either in the graduated measuring jug or in the graduated spoon. Now, you must record the date, the time and the amount of milk you have offered in tribute. You also record what your are wearing and any other relevant details. Now I want you to do this every time you milk from now on. This will enable you to see whether your tribute is worthy of your Mistress or not . It will also enable you to see which milking apparel helps you to a heavy yield. It is good bye for now until next time. Happy milking.

Chrissy 142